American independence war officer Art Girona 54mm

this is my latest .An excellent Art Girona figure in 54mm .
As usual mainly in vallejo acrylics ,also some oils used in the ground work .
Hope you like it and feel free to ask anything you like!!

 photo IMG_0011_zps25f0ccca.jpg
 photo IMG_0010_zps34417a4e.jpg
 photo IMG_0009_zpsea78899d.jpg
 photo IMG_0008_zpsae0db8c0.jpg
 photo IMG_0007_zpsa5a571ed.jpg
 photo IMG_0006_zps53019b83.jpg
 photo IMG_0005_zps53bacc1c.jpg
 photo IMG_0004_zps6b181978.jpg
 photo IMG_0003_zps0a775499.jpg

2 σχόλια:

Phil είπε...

A fantastic work, he's looking so proud! Great face and base!

figure painter είπε...

Thank you Phil!!!